Train and Track with the 26point2 for iPhone

Welcome to 26point2 iPhone application!  This is the first iphone app created with both the marathon runner and the spectator in mind.  I have run the Chicago Marathon every year since 2003 and ran again on 10/10/10 (more about me).  After years of spread sheets and manually working out dates and times, I created this app to make it easy to follow a plan and update progress.

Have you ever enjoyed the excitement of watching your family and friends running a race?  Has it been stressful working out where and when you can see them?  Use 26point2 to see an interactive map of the marathon with mile markers and the time your runner expects to be there.   With GPS it will also show where you are on the map so you can easily reach the next best spectating point! 

This app includes 3 main features:  5 training plans (4 marathon, 1 half marathon) to choose from and update, split times calculator and interactive maps.


                                                                                                                   TRAINING PLAN
                                    Select from 5 Training Plans based on experience level 
Training plans include runs, cross training and strength/core
Enter you next Marathon details and watch the count down to the race
Update your calendar with progress


Split times calculator makes it easy to enter Target time and calculate splits  
Clock display shows the Spectator when you estimate to reach each mile 
Email and print split times for all family and friends.  Splits work in Miles or KM for both marathon and half marathons.

                                                                                                TRACK WITH INTERACTIVE MAP

Send your target time to all your supporters
Let them view the marathon map right on their phone
No more mental arithmetic challenges - see the time you expect to be at each mile

        Features for the Runner
  • replaces complicated excel spreadsheets 
  • choose from 5 different level training plans
  • easy to create training calendar
  • keep track of progress with one touch
  • calculate split times
        Features for the Spectator
  • runner's split times in easy to read clock format
  • marathon map with mile markers
  • runner's estimated time at each mile
  • GPS to show where you are