About Me

I live in Barrington, IL USA, am married with 4 great kids, 3 boys and 1 girl.

I'm a computer guy, originally from Scotland, I moved to the US in 1997 to work on the millennium date problem.  I'm one of the guys who helped make sure it was not the big disaster everyone was warning about. 

I have been developing for over 25 years already - I know that means I'm old.

I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer and a Sun Certified Web Component Developer.  Over the last year I have purchased and read just about every iPhone/iPad/Objective C development book available - just counted 14 'physical' books and 14 electronic books on my iPad.  

26point2 is my first app on the app store.  Many years of software development experience have gone into this program, I hope you like how it works.

I'm also a marathoner - though sadly only average as my Chicago times below indicate

 Year Bib  Time  To Reach Start Notes 
 2003 15360   4.07.34   4 mins  This was the first marathon.  Was in great shape, thinking Boston qualifying would be easy,  ran 2:53 for 22 miles 3 weeks before Chicago.  Disappointed not to break 4 hours.
 2004       ?     3.53.30  6 mins  One year later broke the 4 hour barrier for the first time, very pleased
 2005  9200  4.15.32  2 mins  Managed to stick with my 3.40 pace group through mile 18, left knee trouble left be struggling at the end. 
 2006 10941           3.54.34  4 mins  Back under 4 hours again, life is good.   
 2007  7640   4.24.43  ?  This was a hot one.  7.15 in my starting Coral already sweating.  Ran with my 3.40 pace group for 5 miles, slowed down to an almost stop for the next 3 miles then recovered again.  Only on finishing did I hear the race had been cancelled midway through due to the heat.  
 2008  7030  4.33.50  3 mins  Left knee sore from mile 18.  Mostly walked last 8.2 miles, time to retire?
 2009  38816  3.54.51  6 mins  Took training a little more seriously again, lost a lot of weight, weather perfect, reflected in my third sub 4 hour time
 2010  49435  5.50.34  12 mins  Left knee started acting up at mile 3.  Mostly walked / run till around mile 10.  Took some pain killers got me moving again until mile 18.  Couldn't run anymore.  Nice day for a walk.  Walked the last 8 miles in about two hours.  At least I finished.

I would love to qualify for Boston, maybe next year when I move age bracket I'll 'just' need a 3.30 instead of 3.20 time.

I run for Team World Vision.  You can sponsor me for Chicago 2010 here