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Q. Why 26point2 when it supports both marathons and half marathons?

A. The initial application was designed for marathons only.  At version 1.0.9 half marathon functionality was added.

Q. Can I request any marathon map to be added?

A. Yes you can and if you have a good quality map of the course with accurate mile markers please send it to me.  Please be aware that I need to pay attention to the number of expected participants of the race and have enough time for it to be added.  

Q. Are
 there any plans for a metric training plan?

A. I would like to add a metric training plan, if you have one available that is free to use, please send me a link through the support address.

Does the map view support metric markers?

A. Not currently.  If you have a major marathon with markers in kilometers I will add it to the plan.  I initially wanted to add the Berlin marathon but could not find a suitable map of the course.  The split view does support metric split times.

What maps are being added next?

A. 2/2/11 Many people have requested Pittsburgh, Country Music, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Green Bay, Kentucky Derby.  All these events are waiting 2011 courses to be finalized.

Q. Will 26point2 ever have real time tracking?

A. Yes, I am working on this next.  Initial plan is to release this for Half Marathons only first.  Think the battery in the iPhone is not ready to track GPS for the average marathon duration.

Q. Is there any plans for an Android version?

A. Yes, I have started learning the language.  I'm historically a java guy so conceptually this would be easier for me than objective C (iPhone language).  Given that this is not my day job and the time it takes develop an application, I would set a target for an Android version being ready for the Chicago marathon on 10/9/11.

Q. I like this app, how can I help support it?

A. Check itunes for the app and you''ll see it has no (or few) reviews.  I think it important that reviews are done by people using the application - marathoners and spectators.  I want all the reviews to be real and have not encouraged any 'friendly' reviews.  I you like the app, please review it.  If you think it good enough to share, then tell anyone you know who runs about it.