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1. Tracking more than one runner

Problem: You wish to watch two or more people running the same marathon.

Possible Solution:  Instead of creating 'marathon' records, create 'people' records as the marathon name, simply adjust the target time and switch back and forward between 'marathons' to track different people.

2. Start Time

If you are running in a very large marathon there are normally different starting corals.  The professionals will start at the start time, then the competitive runners (really fast amateurs), then coral 1,2,3 (or A,B,C) then finally the open section (everyone else).  Depending upon your starting group it may take 5 or 20 additional minutes to 'pass go'.  The start time is primarily used by the spectator when viewing the map or clock splits. I considered adding a new field in the program for 'Start Time Lag' but decided the start time field could be used for this if needed for a large event.  The assumption being that the runner knows a) the real time of the event start and b) how long it takes to 'pass go'.  
Example1: The marathon starts at 7.30 am and you have no clue how long it will take to pass go, leave this value at 7.30am
Example2: The marathon starts at 7.30 am and you know (from previous experience) it will take about 10 minutes to reach start, change the start time to 7.40am.

3. Actual time is off

Problem:  You are watching for someone running 4 hour pace, they should be at mile 6 at 8.24am but you see them at 8.28am, or 4 minutes slow.

Possible Solution:  Given the early distance in the race, this is most likely caused by the time it took to reach the start line before beginning the marathon.  Quickest fix is to go back and change the start time by adding 4 minutes.  
Example: If the start time was 7.30, change it to 7.34

4. Making the most of Runner Tracking from the event host

If the event you are running provides email or text alerts of runner locations then register for this service.  On the day of the race have 26point2 set to the target time and start time.  When you receive an actual time check it against the map view or split view (whichever you are using).  Adjust the start time or target pace to better align the 26point2 times with the actuals.  The first update you get from the 'official' tracking will be very early in the race if it is off more than a couple of minutes then its most likely caused by the time to 'pass 'go' adjust the start time to realign with actual start time.

Example: In 26point2 the runner should be at mile 5 at 8.15 and is actually at mile 5 as 8.17, adjust the start time from 7.30 to 7.32

5. The map is not showing my location

I have experienced this 1 time.  After many location settings on/off changes I still couldn't get it to work.   My theory on why was that I had too many background jobs running and I was downtown and the device was struggling to find a signal.  The google maps application could still find my location though.  I fixed it by powering down the device and restarting it.  It was fine after that.  If you experience this or any other problem please email support.