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New Marathon

A new marathon consist of Name, Date, Start Time, Training Plan, Target Time and Map.  

The defaults will be "Marathon Name", Todays Date, 7.30am, 4h00m00s, No Map.


The Name shows the marathon you are running.  Selecting the Name displays a new screen where you can change the Name.  Once changed you either Save or Cancel the new name to return to the Add Marathon screen.


Select either Marathon or Half Marathon.  This value can be changed during New Marathon entry, but cannot be changed during edit.  The theory is if you are changing distance later, it is easier to simply delete and enter again, as too many other factors - training plan, map, split, target time etc.  are effected.


The Date is the race date and is how the count down is calculated.  Selecting the Date will display a new screen where you can pick the date using a Date Picker.  Once changed you can either Save or Cancel the new date to return to the Add Marathon screen.  It is important to set the correct date as the training plan is created based on this information.  

You must change the date to a future date before adding a new marathon. 

If you have no training plans and are only tracking, change the date to be tomorrow.

Start Time

The Start Time shows when the marathon starts.  Selecting the Time will display a new screen where you can pick the time using a time picker.  Once changed you either Save or Cancel to return to the marathon add screen.  When selecting the start time you might wish to consider the 'pass go' time.  See Tips


This is where you choose the training plan you wish to follow to get ready to run the marathon.  You have a choice of 4 training plans and a 'Don't need a plan' option.  The 'Don't need a plan' option can be used by spectators who only wish to see the split times and map, or for runners using a different plan.

Below are links to the 4 training plans - Note the dates in the plans below are based on the Chicago 10/10/10 Marathon.  The app will generate the correct dates based on the marathon date you specify.

Target Time

This is the time you wish to run the marathon in.  As you scroll the timer the Target Time field in blue gets updated to reflect the picker value.  The Pace and Speed rows also adjust as per your unit setting.   You will see time per mile (or time per km) and mph (or kmph).  You can either save or cancel to return to the Add Marathon screen.


As of version 1.0.10 35 maps are available to choose from

Potential Errors and Warning

Marathon Name must be entered
Marathon Date must be a future date during add
Plan or Map must match Distance - You cannot select a marathon map or training plan is the distance is a half marathon.
Plan Date - if you have the setting to only create future dates and the marathon is less weeks in the future than the duration of the plan you selected, you will get a warning message informing you of this fact.