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General Settings

    Unit  This allows you to change the unit between miles and kilometers.  This setting is used in the target time splitter and in the split         times display.
    Date Format  This allows you to change the date format between Month/Day/Year and Day/Month/Year.  This setting is used when picking the date of the marathon and when displaying the detail training plan.

Display and Plan Options

    Display Options

    Marathon View When you are finished a marathon you can delete the record and the training history, do nothing or mark it as inactive.  This setting controls which marathons appear in the list of marathons.  Hint: if you changed a marathon and it disappeared, checking this setting could make it reappear.  If you only expect to run a few marathons I recommend leaving this as All.

    Split View The split time view allows you to see Runner and Spectator splits, only Runner splits or only Spectator splits.

    Plan Options

    Plan Creation  When you create a new marathon with a plan you can create all the training records or only create future records. 
Example1  You are planning on running a marathon 20 weeks in the future, set this value to All.
Example2  You are planning on running a marathon 16 weeks in the future but have already done one week of training, set this value to All.
Example3  You are planning on running a marathon 16 weeks in the future and have not done any training previously, set this value to only create future records.

    Long Run Day  When training for a marathon your long run is usually at the weekend.  The 4 training plans included are based on a Sunday marathon date and doing your long run on a Saturday.  This setting allows you to change your long run day from a Saturday to a Sunday but only if the Marathon Date is a Saturday or Sunday.
Example1 Marathon date is not a Saturday or Sunday, this value has no effect
Example2 Marathon date is a Saturday or Sunday, this value moves the training calendar to adjust.  This adjustment is dropping a rest day from the final week, and/or starting training on a Tuesday.
Hint: Change the setting, change the plan to No Plan, Change the plan back see the results in the first and last week of training.

About 26point2
This setting tells you the Version and Build number of the program.  You cannot change these values.  In the unlikely event of a bug you can include the version and build numbers.  It will help me fix the problem using the correct version of the source code.